Christina Aguilera Live in Taguig :  Globe Telecom, MTV Philippines and the city of Taguig have closed a partnership agreement to produce pop superstar Christina Aguilera’s upcoming concert, Back to Basics, live in Taguig.  Witness the most anticipated show this year as the petite powerhouse takes center stage on July 6 at the Fort Bonifacio Open Field. Special discounts will be given to Globe and TM subscribers.  Tickets are available in all Ticketworld outlets.

I inquired about this today and I was informed that the ticket prices are as follows :  VIP – 7350.00 / Patron – 3675.00 / Bleachers – 1050.00.  Whoa, mahal.  Considering the venue na isang flat space lang, distance lang ang difference unlike Araneta Coliseum .. hmm, pano na ‘to? 😉

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exactly 10 days from now, i’m off to cebu for a nine-day break. i’ll fly in the afternoon for cebu with my high school friends to attend a friend’s wedding. it will be my first time to attend a ceremony with the INC. i really wonder how their church looks like, and how different their ceremony is from the rites i’m used to seeing. it will also be my first time to be a bridesmaid. hehe, wala naman kasi ako mashadong friends na kinasal na. this will also be my first time to go out of town with this set of friends, and my first time to cebu. we’ll be at mactan for 3D/2N for the wedding then right after, i’m off to bohol. i’m gonna meet raych at cebu then we’ll proceed to bohol via the ferry. first time ko din sa ferry. haha ang daming first time. start palang ng december, i already did my research for bohol. our accomodations has been booked, the tours arranged, even the ferry tickets has been reserved. haha talk about oc-ness! 🙂 sana magawa namin lahat as planned, i’m so excited with bohol. the way other people talked about it, i’m sooo excited! well, as much as we planned for bohol, ganun naman hindi ka-planned ang cebu trip. after bohol, we’re heading back to cebu. since raych will be arriving after the wedding, we decided that we will tour cebu after bohol. we’re still contemplating if we’re gonna go to bantayan coz the commute is such a long one and parang mahirap with the schedules and all yung tipong ma-late lang ng 15 mins, we’re dead. hahaha! but with the excellent pictures of the island that i saw, gosh .. i’m really thinking about it. after bantayan, we’ll head to cebu city for shopping right before we fly back to manila. we booked an early flight back eh, mejo parang nakakahinayang nga .. but we’ll try to make the most of out it nalang. we should really wake up early, unlike the weekends we do here in manila. hahahaha! we plan to commute all over cebu city for the different tourist spots. parang ayoko mag-arrange ng tour kasi sabi nila madali lang naman daw, sana nga. i’m all excited for this and i’m just praying the weather will cooperate like last year when we went to boracay. same time last year, bagyo dito pero super ganda ng weather dun. 🙂 i hope the heavens will allow.

10 days to go and i haven’t had any preparations done aside sa bohol accomodations. i’m still thinking of how to pack lightly since i will be there for 9 days but i cant afford to bring so much. eh, may things pa ko for the wedding .. any tips? we still have to buy some stuff pa that i’m planning to get on the weekend. i still have to book for cebu accommodations. i hope everything goes well though. wish me luck! i really need this break. as in, i NEED this. hahaha! it will help me clear my mind from unnecessary thoughts, and i’m hoping it will help me get myself back from being everywhere. LOL!

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i miss going out, hanging out or whatever you call that. i miss bumming around, the laughters, the kulitans. i wanna go to the carnivals, parks, beaches, etc. (basta masaya!) whenever i see pictures of other people having fun, i kinda feel sad. of course i feel happy for them, but for some odd reason deep inside i feel sad. maybe i envy them because they’re happy, not that i’m unhappy .. i just feel sad. labo ko ba? i know where this is coming from, it is because i dont really know what to do with my life. maybe i’m too dependent, that i cant see myself anymore. i’m not accomplishing anything, and i sometimes feel like a failure. i’ve been feeling like this for a long, long time already .. yet i havent done anything. i’m not doing anything coz i honestly dont know what i like to do. i dont know if i need a change of environment, or i just need to relax and stop worrying. hay. 😦

it’s so hard when people assume that you’re “bigger” than who you really are; and honestly, it freakin’ hurts.

others may consider it as some form of flattery but personally, i really hate it ‘coz you (your own self) above all else knows the truth; and truth hurts. it hurts when others think that you’re this some kind of person on a pedestal who has everything, yet deep inside you’re emptier than a well that has been dried and forgotten for decades. it’s so hard ‘coz at times, you have to live up to the person that they ‘painted’ you to be; then you get tired of being that ‘somebody’. and you revert to your real, old self, then you become a disappointment. they blame their disillusionment on you when in the first place, you never said that you’re that ‘saint’.

On the way home one Sunday after Mass, we encountered a nun driving a Tamaraw FX on an intersection in BF. That intersection has a stoplight in the middle of it. When we arrived there, the red stoplight was on, so we waited. Then came the FX with the 2 nuns, coming from our right. Since we were turning left, my mom stayed on the left lane. Imagine this, the nun swerved from the rightmost lane then turned left, passing the red light. Nag-swerve na, nagignore pa ng red light?! Hahaha! After I saw that, I was laughing hysterically. Too bad though, I wasn’t able to catch in on video. But it was soooo funny and ironic, that it was a nun who actually did that. Hehe 🙂

Second, just this afternoon .. we welcomed 4 guests here at the condo where I work. They are guests of one of our unit owners – consisting of 2 priests and 2 lay ministers. The 2 priests stayed in 2 separate 1BR rooms, and the 2 lay ministers stayed in the 2BR unit. Since the units are owned by the unit owners, we have no authority to modify whatever furnitures and appliance are inside. After 15 minutes upon settling in, the lady lay minister went down complaining like crazy. She was complaining that the unit where she was asked to stay had no aircon (yeah, it just had 2 industrial fans coz no one occupies that unit until today). She was making faces and even said that she demands that she be placed in another unit with airconditioning. Eh sa yun ang unit ng pinaghingan nila ng favor eh. I totally agree that it’s really hot today (blame the weather, not us) but I think it was really improper of her to complain the way she did. First, they are staying here coz they asked that favor with the unit owners. Second, she’s a lay minister. Aren’t those people supposed to live a ‘simple life’? Does she want me to think that in her own house, they have centralized aircons that she has to complain like that here? Third, alangan naman ang mga pari ang paalisin sa aircon rooms? Lastly, beggars can’t be choosers. You’re already provided with an accommodation, magrereklamo ka pa ba?

It’s just weird that I encountered such situations from people of the religious group. I’m not against them, maybe I just expected a little bit more.

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“The worst regret we can have in life is not for the wrong things we did, but for the right things we could have done but we never did.”

at times, i really hate being me.